How to Clean Your Printer

30th Jan 2018

How to Clean Your Printer

We’ve all been there. We accidentally broke the toner cartridge, or shook it too much, or it’s simply a defective cartridge, and the toner spills all over the place. Sound familiar?

Print. Save. Repeat Is Here to Answer Your Questions

We’ve gotten a few questions lately from customers who aren’t sure how to clean up the spilled toner. If you’ve dealt with toner before, you know it’s messy and made up of super fine particles, so it’s no walk in the park to clean it up. Plus if the toner isn’t cleaned up properly, it could permanently damage the printer, which leaves you having to spend several more hundred dollars than you would like.

Our professional recommendation is to use a handheld vacuum, especially if you’re unfamiliar with toner or printers. Another method is to use compressed air dusters; however, this is much more tricky as you run the risk of blowing the toner further into the printer instead of out. Be very careful if you use that method!

We hope this helps the next time you have some messy toner to clean up! Call us at 480-463-4548, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm EST if you have any questions.