Label Color Designs

Label Color Designs

10th Oct 2019

The specific type of color design greatly impacts the style, look, and function of your label. This blog post below outlines a concise yet detailed description of each color choice to help specify what each design is and how it effects the label.


  • When a coat is applied to the surface of a face material or substrate edge-to-edge, leaving no part of the surface exposed. Flood coating can also be used to refer to the process of applying an adhesive or protective coating, as well as colorants, printing inks, or decorative coatings, too.

Spot color

  • Spot color is applied with one or more color(s) usually covering only part of the label, ideal when printing text, images, and shapes. A spot color is an ink that has been pre-mixed to the exact color needed, and since the precise color has already been made, it can be applied in a single run. Spot color printing has a near endless number of colors along with inks that can be produced and created with a higher level of opacity than process colors. It can also be used to produce special finishes by applying special inks such as metallic and fluorescent inks or spot varnish or lamination. However, it can be quite expensive and difficult to produce the correct inks for each individual color that is required.


  • Labels that cannot be seen through; opaque labels are also referred to as “block-out” labels, too, because whatever is beneath the label cannot be seen. Opaque labels are made by using an opaque face material, adhesive, coating, or any combination of the three with a black backside. They are used when a label needs to obscure the surface of anything that has already been printed or written onto the substrate. There are many reasons to use an opaque styled label; mistakes can be hidden, out of date information can be updated, packaging can be reused by covering up old information and replacing it with a new delivery address or product information, or they can be used to cover up the pattern on a substrate to ensure that the applied label remains completely legible.


Now that you’re aware of each of the label designs, we here at Print.Save.Repeat. hope you can utilize this information to find the best label for your business. For more information, tips, or tricks feel free to further browse our blog posts, or if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns we encourage you to call us at 800-587-1173 – we’ll be happy to answer!