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Laser Printer Label Tips

Laser Printer Label Tips

7th Dec 2020

We're back with more tips on how to use sheeted labels in your laser printer. The following tips are recommended for getting the most out of your labels when paired with a laser printer.

Tip #1 - Acclimate new material for at least 24 hours

Temperature can affect the performance of your labels so it's important to allow incoming labels to acclimate to their new environment before being used in a laser printer. This ensures that your labels print just like they are designed to.

Tip #2 - Fan reams before inserting in the print tray

Similar to regular copy paper, sheeted label reams can "stick" together after being enclosed for long periods of time. Fanning your ream allows air to get between each sheet, limiting the possibility that the printer will pick up multiple label sheets at a time.

Tip #3 - Use the "Labels" setting on the printer

Most printers have "preferred" settings for different media types. The different settings determine multiple factors like how fast paper travels through the print path and how hot the fuser will get. When using sheeted labels in a laser printer, choose the "Labels" setting for dark, crisp prints.