New Opportunities with  Linerless Labels

New Opportunities with Linerless Labels

5th Feb 2021

As e-commerce continues to grow, spurred on by a global pandemic, the logistics space is experiencing disruption and growth at a startling rate. A consequence of this growth is an increased demand for shipping labels. The label industry continues to evolve and one recent evolution is a label that can be produced without the paper backing. Labels like theses are known as linerless labels.

Benefits of Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are an environmentally-friendly label option with unique benefits above your standard direct thermal label. Because these labels don't require any liner, the overall paper thickness is reduced allowing an additional 40% more length on every roll. This increased capacity leads to efficiency and cost-savings.

Additionally, eliminating the paper backing means less waste to dispose of and a greener product.

Challenges in Adapting Linerless Labels

With any new technology, there are hurdles along the way and linerless technology is no different. Linerless labels are often overpriced and can cause printing issues if the material and adhesive isn't dialed in. Because of this it's important to choose a reputable supplier who can produce the appropriate labels for your application at a feasible price.

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