SOLUTION: “Non-Lexmark” OEM Error Message

SOLUTION: “Non-Lexmark” OEM Error Message

22nd Oct 2019

After trying to engage in a print, some users have encountered a similar kind of error preventing them from continuing – a non-brand OEM error. The error will prevent printing until it is resolved, so finding a solution is of necessary importance. This blog post will outline what this error is and how to work around it.

What is this issue?

After trying to begin printing, across the printer’s screen will scroll three messages: “Non-Lexmark cartridge installed,” “See user’s guide,” and “error code 31.01.” These messages are generally universal across most common printing platforms, and all indicate the same issue regardless of the printer. The problem is that the error is not derived from the printer itself, but the chip on the toner cartridge. The error code 31.01 indicates the cartridge didn’t pass a security check the printer scans for, however, the issue has been linked to firmware updates that alter the software, inverted power surges, or others smaller factors. Unfortunately, no universal factor contributes solely to causing this problem, and different reasons are widely reported.

How to fix the error

The only way to proceed is to do a manual override, ignoring the error message and letting your printer continue to operate for an unspecified period of time (between 30 seconds to 3 weeks). Regardless of how long it lets you print down the line, though, the override will always allow you to get through your current printing job. It is a simple process to activate the override:

  1. Hold down the green button* and the cancel (X) button simultaneously.
  2. Upon activating the override, the error message will go away and the printer will do a semi-reboot.
  3. After the reboot you will be able to resume your printing.


The fix is only a temporary one, though, and will not permanently solve the problem. Luckily the non-brand OEM error message only points to a problem in the toner cartridge itself, and not the printing machinery, so simply replacing the cartridge is sufficient to resume printing without worry of the printer itself being dysfunctional.

Therefore, after activating the override, it is important that you call us immediately at 800-587-1173 so we can quickly send you a replacement Lexmark cartridge. If more problems arise in the future, we also encourage you to call us so that we can help find a solution – our goal at Print.Save.Repeat. is to make printing the easiest possible process for you.


*Depending on your printer, the green button could be an “OK,” wake-up button, “#” symbol, or a checkmark for touchscreen models – but it will always be the button with the greed LED. For questions on initiating the reset call us at 800-587-1173.