Print.Save.Repeat. toner cartridges were crafted out of a passion for making awesome products and a respect for your wallet. We are committed to making Print.Save.Repeat. the standard for toner cartridge quality, and this is what drives every aspect of our manufacturing.

What Print.Save.Repeat. Toner Cartridges Are NOT

They are not OEM knock-offs, a.k.a. “compatibles.” Aftermarket compatibles are cheaply made, often imported from overseas, and wear out quickly, which manifests in light print, smudging, or leaking. They are also not “drill and fill” cartridges where they are simply refilled with toner and nothing else. Laser printer cartridges have a plethora of moving parts that require special conditioning.

What Print.Save.Repeat. Toner Cartridges ARE

We make brand new cartridges out of empty OEM cores using the best new components available. Laser printers are surprisingly sophisticated machines, and a lot can go wrong if you’re not paying attention. It’s our obsession over detail that’s made our products so successful.

We completely disassemble each cartridge and inspect it for imperfections as the tiniest irregularity can sometimes cause the biggest problems. Once all non-reusable components are removed and everything else is cleaned, we begin putting the cartridges back together with new parts.

No cartridge leaves our manufacturing line unless it passes a series of tests. We test each cartridge for all aspects of print quality and page yield in accordance with ASTM standards (the same ones the OEMs use).

Respect For Your Wallet

Why do we do it? Because quality toner need not cost you an arm and a leg. By remanufacturing OEM cartridges, we’re able to cut your printing costs by as much as 60% without any loss of quality. What could you do with that extra cash?

Your Unconditional Guarantee

We stand behind our products. If for any reason one of our cartridges does not meet expectations, you can return it for a full refund or a free replacement at our expense. You’re completely covered under our 1-year unconditional warranty.

Try Us Out

We would be so honored if you gave us a shot. Search our online catalog or give us a call 800-587-1173. We would love to help you out! Check out our customer reviews.

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