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Customer Service at Print.Save.Repeat

Customer Service at Print.Save.Repeat

"Here at Print.Save.Repeat, we pride ourselves on having excellent customer service! There are a few mentalities we ask our employees to maintain when interacting with customers; see the list below!
1. Customers First: At PSR, our customers come first. Before meetings, before projects, before office work, before lunch, etc. We want our customers to get their questions answered and problems solved in the timeliest manner possible.
2. Teamwork: Sometimes a customer service rep doesn’t know the answer to a question, or can’t figure out a problem, so we consult with each other. By maintaining a strong sense of teamwork, we’re able to meet a customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.
3. Friendliness: Most of our customer service takes place over email, Live Chat, and telephone. This eliminates non-verbal cues, but we still want our customers to get the sense that we are happy to help, even over phone and email exchanges. Many companies view people and tech calls as ""problems,"" but we want to have an attitude that's sympathetic and warm towards our customers.
4. Listen & Ask Questions: We want to be good listeners for our customers; meaning, getting rid of assumptions, not interrupting, and summarizing what they are trying to communicate without interpreting. In order to do this well, it often involves asking questions to clarify and/or further understand. By doing this, we can potentially solve the problem for the customer and get their printer back up and running immediately, instead of assuming the problem and ordering a replacement, making the customer wait a day or two for it to arrive.
5. Hassle-Free: We really try to make the best cartridges on the market that don’t have any problems. However, technology sometimes malfunctions and we want problems to be fixed ASAP for our customers, whether that’s troubleshooting steps and/or replacements. No one likes dealing with printer issues, so we strive to have customer service that removes stress instead of contributing it.
6. Be Knowledgeable: Most people are ignorant when it comes to printers and cartridges. We’re constantly training and growing our employees, which results in a customer service team who is very knowledgeable about printing. We want to use that knowledge to provide the best possible outcome in any customer service interaction. While we may not know everything, we try to be experts in a few things.
These are the standards on which we base our customer service! Based on our hundreds of reviews, we believe to be succeeding at what we set out to do. However, if you ever have any concerns, questions or recommendations, we would be happy to hear them! Our team can be reached at 480-463-4548, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm MST. "
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