Dealer only? Not anymore! Print.Save.Repeat's new Lexmark M3150 and XM3150 toner cartridge now for sale

For those of you who have a Lexmark M3150 or XM3150 laser printer, today is a good day. The new Print.Save.Repeat. Lexmark 24B6186 Remanufactured Toner for the M3150 and XM3150 is now available for sale at our online store and Amazon!

The M3150 and XM3150 laser printers are known as Lexmark's "dealer only" items. This meant you could only purchase the toner supplies through the dealer from whom you purchased the printer, and the Lexmark cartridges are not cheap at $264.76 each. Fortunately, our product development team has been working hard to give you another option. Check out our new 24B6186-IPS for only $179.95:


Print.Save.Repeat. Lexmark 24B6186 Remanufactured Toner Cartridge for M3150, XM3150
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