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When using any toner cartridge one of the biggest sources of worry is the page yield. After spending your well-earned money on a cartridge (significantly less of your money mind you, with a Print.Save.Repeat. cartridge) you'd rather not be shortchanged with a lower than expected toner lifespan. As much as it's human nature to be suspicious of a toner cartridge, sometimes it really does seem like just yesterday you replaced your cartridge only to turn around and find that the "toner low" message is once again lighting up your printer's screen!

Are you going crazy or did you really go through your cartridge that quickly?

How To Tell If My Toner Cartridge Lasted Long Enough

Before you question your sanity, there are three little words you should be aware of: toner coverage history. We blogged about this oft misunderstood concept a while back and we think knowing this information will help you manage your expectations and maybe even save you a trip to the insane asylum. Check out our previous blog at the link below and as always if you feel like to chatting with a live person give us a call at 800-587-1173.

Happy Printing!

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