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Friday Feature: Josh

Friday Feature: Josh

This week's Friday Feature is on our warehouse expert (aka shipping ninja), Josh Lentz! Josh has been with Print.Save.Repeat since January 1st, 2017.
Josh learned about the company through one of our employees, Josiah Carter, who thought Josh would be a great fit for PSR with his work skills and personality.
When asked, Josh says that his favorite thing about working here is: "The atmosphere. Everyone here loves to come to work because we all are glad to work with people who are happy and have a drive to work hard."
We also asked Josh what three words he would use to describe our work culture, and he chose: Family, Productivity, Integrity. We think that his description fits our employees and work environment perfectly! In a followup question, we wanted to know if Josh enjoyed working with his coworkers. He responded, " Yes I do, I truly admire the people I work with because I know that they all have the desire to do their job right, every time, no matter what their position is in the company."
At Print.Save.Repeat we have several jobs that are consistently done; in Josh's case, he manages all incoming and outgoing products. However, even with the consistency of shipping products, there are also other factors that typically change day to day. Josh states, "Along with other various tasks, each day is different for me, I would say I have the most unique position in the company."
We were curious if Josh could see himself working here for the next 5 - 10 years, and he said, "Yes I can, and I look forward to watching this company grow!"
Lastly, we wondered what Josh would say to someone who may be interested in applying to work at Print.Save.Repeat. He says that he would ask them, "If they have the drive to do a job well-done every day, no matter how difficult the task."
Josh's final thoughts are: "I am truly grateful for my position here. I love that I have been accepted into this family... This is a great place to grow as a person."
Thanks for sitting down with us Josh! To our readers, thanks for checking out our latest Friday Feature! Stay tuned for the next one.
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