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Friday Feature: Klint McInturff

Friday Feature: Klint McInturff

For the next several weeks we’ll be doing a Friday Feature on each of our employees, to help you get to know our team here at Print.Save.Repeat!
First up on our feature is Klint McInturff, our VP of Marketing. Klint has been with the company for 6 years, since November of 2011.
When he first started, Klint was a jack-of-all-trades (perhaps more so than he is now!). Some of his responsibilities included calling Amazon customers, asking to leave reviews; learning how to list products on Amazon and their FBA process; and copywriting. Klint still does some of these things, but on a regular basis he now heads up our Marketing department.
Klint first learned about Print.Save.Repeat through a connection he had with Tim Berry, Errol Berry (our CEO and founder)'s brother. Klint and Tim had been close friends for a number of years, so when Errol began Print.Save.Repeat, Tim referred Errol to Klint. As Klint says, the rest is history!
When asked what his favorite thing is about working here, Klint says that it's the flexibility and opportunity. There are lots of opportunities to learn many different disciplines, and overall it's a very flexible work environment. Additionally, Print.Save.Repeat encourages ideas and creativity with their employees, which promotes a continuously growing company!
In our interview with Klint, we asked if he could see himself working here for the next 5 - 10 years. He said yes, definitely! He and his wife are looking to start a family, and as a result, the stable security and flexible work environment is perfect for right now. In addition, Klint says that he would like to see the company reach its potential.
One of our last questions for Klint was: What would you say to someone who was interested in applying to work here at Print.Save.Repeat? Klint answered, "If you are a hard worker and want opportunity to move up, it can be a great stepping stone or even a longterm career." He also added that Errol really cares about and invests in his employees, whether it be for a short time or a number of years, which makes working at Print.Save.Repeat even more worthwhile.
That's the first of our weekly Friday Features! Stay tuned every week to learn a little more about our team members.
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