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How to Remain Stress-Free When Printing for Your Business!

How to Remain Stress-Free When Printing for Your Business!

When printing for business, many customers cannot afford to have downtime. Imagine you are the manager for a pharmacy that uses a laser printer to create pill bottle labels for customer prescriptions. What would happen if you suddenly ran out of toner without a backup? How long can you afford not being able to print customer prescriptions? Does your local office supplier have the toner cartridge you need in stock for same-day pickup? (If it’s for a laser printer, it’s not likely.) If not, how much will it cost to overnight? These kinds of questions have driven many companies to not only keep several backup cartridges on the shelf, but to have a backup printer as well.
Granted, not all printing applications are as business critical as creating prescription labels and do not require having a backup printer, but we recommend keeping at least one backup cartridge on hand at a minimum. It’s the simplest and most cost effective way to minimize downtime, save money on expedited shipping costs, and most importantly, relieve stress. Being able to print what you need when you need it is incredibly liberating and gives a peace of mind that allows you to focus on more important things liking running your business.
While keeping a backup is a huge step toward incorporating an inexpensive insurance plan for your printing needs, we realize things happen and sometimes you need a new cartridge fast. That’s why we are committed to manufacturing enough products to always have the one you need in stock ready to ship overnight. And since we are the manufacturer, we have an incredible amount of flexibility to get you what you need quickly without sacrificing quality.
At Print.Save.Repeat., we know that every penny counts. Contact us at 800-587-1173 to learn more about how we can help you save money on printing supplies without sacrificing performance. View our list of quality toner cartridges on our website and on Amazon!
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