Is My Printer A Security Risk?

Is My Printer A Security Risk?

When it comes to business security measures, most companies are vigilant in monitoring computers or business phones. Far less attention is paid to innocuous office printers which could be a costly mistake. Most printers are network enabled which means they can be accessed by those outside your office and can also serve as an access point to secure or sensitive information stored on a network. Printers can also be physically manipulated as well.

Compromised printers can:

  • Provide access to print data
  • Re-route print jobs
  • Replace print content
  • Be used to access other applications

When it comes to protecting your company and your information we recommend:

  1. Changing/updating passwords and PINs - The factory default passwords and PINs are often never updated let alone changed regularly. This simple process can eliminate a lot of potential problems.
  2. Staying current - Outdated printers can sometime be more of a security risk as they aren't equipped with current security measures. If it fits in your budget, consider upgrading from that '90s Canon.
  3. General awareness - Ignorance is bliss...until it isn't. Now that you're aware of the dangers you're empowered to make the necessary adjustments.
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