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Konica Minolta Products from Print. Save. Repeat.

Welcome the newest member of the Print.Save.Repeat. family: the Konica Minolta Bizhub 4000P toner cartridge. The Konica printers are very similar to the Lexmark MS series. In fact, they use the exact same type of cartridge! However, you can't use a Lexmark cartridge in a Konica printer and vice versa because each printer requires a specific microchip in order for it to work. Up until now, the microchips for the Bizhub 4000P had not been developed. Now they have, and we're putting them into production so you can save.

How much can you save with our Print.Save.Repeat. brand of Bizhub 4000P cartridges? Konica Minolta typically sells theirs for $290.00 online, and you may not get it as quickly as you need. Our cartridge is available now for only $159.95 and will ship out the same day if you order it by 3pm.

So for all you Bizhub 4000P printer owners out there...let the savings begin!

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