Thermal Labelstocks for On-demand Printing

Thermal Labelstocks for On-demand Printing

When it comes to on-demand label printing, labelstocks can range from material with a short shelf-life to material that is specially formatted for high durability and a long shelf-life. The two most popular types of on-demand labelstock printing are direct thermal and thermal transfer materials.

There are a few things to consider when deciding which labelstock is best for your specific application. In this article we'll cover a few of them.


Direct thermal labelstock is generally used in short shelf-life applications such as health care, retail, logistics, and for food end-users. Thermal transfer material is ideal for environments that require highly durable labels with a longer than normal shelf-life

Storage Environment

When storing direct thermal labelstocks it's important to remember that direct thermal material should be kept inside it's packaging and away from light to prevent discoloration or preimaging. Your storage environment can determine what type of material is best for your situation.

Printing Inks

Printing with ink on thermal paper is no different than printing on regular paper, however, special inks are required so the print head isn't damaged and print quality is maintained. Ink should be heat resistant, non-abrasive, and non-metallic. This helps ensure proper performance over the life of the print head.

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