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Understanding Label Dimensions

Understanding Label Dimensions

Despite the practical simplicity of labels, there are a great deal of intricate factors when it comes to their specific details. The following blog post goes over the terminology concerning the measurement of labels and how they are designed so you can better understand label dimensions.

  • Gap: The small space separating each individual label from each other on the roll.

  • Core: The core of the roll is the empty inner-diameter, secured usually by a cardboard tube. Sizes of the core in most cases are either 1” or 3”.

  • Label Height: Although it can also be understood as length, the height of the label refers to the size of the label from the front to the back of the strip.

  • Label Width: A label’s width is the distance between each side of the label.

  • Outer Diameter: The Outer Diameter of a label roll is the full diameter in its entirety. It is important to note that some roll diameters are too large for certain desktop label printers, so be sure to verify your printer’s diameter requirements before ordering.

  • Carrier: A roll’s Carrier is the waxy-like paper that lies throughout the roll underneath the actual labels. The sizes of the Carrier are dependent on label size since the labels need to have enough space to peel off efficiently – if the label size changes, so will its Carrier.

We hope this information has been useful, if you’re looking for more information or have any further questions feel free to call us at 800-587-1173. If you are interested in ordering customized labels at the highest quality and fairest price, we encourage you to conduct your business here at Print.Save.Repeat.

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