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What Happens to Your Recycled Toner Cartridges?

What Happens to Your Recycled Toner Cartridges?

"Have you ever wondered what happens to your toner cartridge when you recycle with us? Here’s a blog post to let you know!
Step One: Receiving First, we sort through all of the returned cartridges we receive and organize them on pallets according to printer models.

Step Two: Disassemble Next, one of the organized pallets is rolled into the manufacturing room. The team then carefully disassembles each cartridge.
Step Three: Cleaning Any remaining toner is dumped out, and the parts are cleaned with an air compressor. Part of our quality assurance is that we use only OEM parts in our products, no knock-offs or remanufactured pieces.*For each cartridge we receive, we ensure that all of the pieces are OEM and cleaned before reassembling.

Step Four: Reassemble In this step, all of the cartridge pieces (OEM guaranteed) are put back together. The last part of this step is replacing the chip which connects the cartridge with the printer. These chips are new or reset, so they have the same page yield as before.
Step Five: Refill After reassembling, the team carefully refills the cartridge with toner, ensuring that no parts are damaged in the process.
Step Six: Test & Send-Off In the final step, the completed remanufactured toner cartridge is put in an actual printer and tested to ensure that it’s working well. Then the cartridge is boxed up and either placed on our storage shelves, or shipped out!

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*You might be confused by this statement, after seeing the word “remanufactured” all over our site. To clarify: all of our products are made of OEM pieces, which ensures the quality and compatibility. We do not use “remanufactured” pieces. However, because we remake the cartridges, they are considered a “remanufactured” product. If you have further questions about this, call our team at 480-463-4548!

Recycle with Print.Save.Repeat today! We’ll send you a free shipping label to send it back. Simply call, email, or LiveChat with us. "
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