What’s the difference between a “compatible” and “remanufactured” toner cartridge?

You mean there’s a difference?
Yes, there is! Not too many people are familiar with it, though. But that’s OK. Unless you work with printers a lot, it’s not common knowledge. Even companies who sell cartridges often get confused and use the terms interchangeably when in reality they are very different. In fact, there are three types of toner cartridges, and the differences all have to do with how they are made. Knowing them will help you make better buying decisions when shopping for toner.

OEM VS Compatible VS Remanufactured
The first type of cartridge is categorized as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). These cartridges are the official ones made by the printer company like Lexmark, Dell, and HP. Sometimes they are referred to as “genuine” cartridge. They are expensive.

The second type of cartridge is called a Compatible. They are not manufactured by the printer company but are made from scratch by an aftermarket manufacturer typically located outside the US. Some people refer to them as “knock-off” cartridges. While cheap, they tend to have the most performance issues.

The third type of cartridge is the Remanufactured cartridge. Unlike compatible cartridges, they are rebuilt from recycled, empty cartridge cores. As a result, they are the most environmentally friendly option. If they are made by a reputable manufacturing company from OEM cores, they can equal the quality and performance of the genuine OEM’s.

What Type of Cartridges Are Print.Save.Repeat?
I’m glad you asked! Print.Save.Repeat. cartridges are all remanufactured in the USA exclusively from recycled OEM cores and are unconditionally guaranteed to meet your exceed all aspects of print quality and performance of the originals. If you need a cartridge that will perform like an OEM without the OEM price tag, then try on of our Print.Save.Repeat. cartridges!

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