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Verified Buyer: CeeJay
These are as good if not better than the OEM cartridges and the added bonus of the gift card for each return is. Novel but helpful. Basically for every 8 we purchase we get the 9th free. We buy abou 25 a month. We will continually use them.
Verified Buyer: Amazon Customer
This is the only brand of toner we have found for the Dell 2330 that works and does not leak into the printer, other than the actual Dell toner but I do not want to pay the Dell price. We have over 50 Dell 2330 printers and we only use this toner and we have NO issues.
Verified Buyer: cL
I'll start with the packaging , well done there. When I got it was in perfect condition which is more I can say for the one I got from another seller. Works great and it was very easy to install. I had it for 3 month now and still works as good as the 1st day. A+
Verified Buyer: Mike Fricke
I'm not a regular Amazon reviewer, but would like to make an exception and express my satisfaction with the toner we have purchased from this organization. I initially had problems when a high capacity cartridge would not work in the intended printer. Although it physically fit just fine, Dell cripples the printers capability to use the higher capacity cartridges to sell more of the low capacity types I assume. I was contacted by the vendor after returning the cartridge who helped sort out the cause of the problem and steered me to the correct unit. Since then, I've ordered a dozen or more cartridges and all have worked flawlessly. I highly recommend their products and commend them for their excellent customer service. Cheers
Verified Buyer: D.S.
This Cartridge is simply great for our car dealership. it has performed better than any other ink toner we have ever had. Smaller cartridges have lasted 1 month ...this one ... granted its bigger....lasted us almost 5 months ....great product!
Verified Buyer: Javier U.
These cartridges are extremely good quality and the printers takes them as OEM at half the price. Never had a problem with them. And I have several printers at the dealership to test them in quantity. Also tried the normal yield toner capacity, all good. Comes with a prepaid UPS label to recycle them and send them back to the seller. Excellent customer service, they personally called me to thank me for being a loyal customer. You could find a cheaper cartridge maybe, but you have to deal with compatibility issues and paper jamming. Believe me, I tried them all. Save yourself some headaches and try them out. Or sell your car to buy OEMs!
Verified Buyer: Crystal Hedinger
I have been using Toner from Print Save Repeat for 2 years now. It seems to work better than the Lexmark toner!! Wonderful product
Verified Buyer: Dylan Kearl
Everything was delivered on time and the cartridges work as well as the manufacturer's brand. This is my second purchase and I will definitely buy from print, save, repeat again .
Verified Buyer: C Dyer
I ordered a replacement belt for a Dell 1720 printer. The price was well below others and the quality of the imaged I get are excellent. The package arrived very quickly. I am fully satisfied.
Verified Buyer: Kelly Ryck
Toners work great, can't beat the price. Will buy again for sure!
Verified Buyer: Greg Clute
We have used this company for several years. We had a local company that sold us toners and since I am the IT director, I got involved with printer errors. One of the toners was defective, and I started looking at all of the toners that we buy and the cost. We had one toner that was very expensive. Somehow I stumbled upon Print.Save.Repeat and talked to Klint McInturrff. We bought a few of the toners and tried them. They worked great and was over $100 cheaper than the local supplier, and lower than at the time was available on Amazon. These guys are great, honest, and always there when you need help.
Verified Buyer: Suki Jandu
Easy, fast and great service. This was my second purchase and I'm very happy with the print quality. Will buy from here again.
Verified Buyer: Jennifer Twadelle
Great service and price, we will continue to use Print.Save.Repeat!
Verified Buyer: Arthur Goforth
Great delivery time and very affordable for our growing business needs!!!