DIGI Scale Labels

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Why You Should Buy DIGI® Scale Labels from Print.Save.Repeat.

Print.Save.Repeat offers all our products, labels or otherwise, at the highest possible quality in the market. For your label services, quality and reliability are a necessity, and you will be more than satisfied with what our products provide. Print.Save.Repeat’s DIGI scale labels are made with your high standards and expectations in mind - expert tested and manufactured exceeding DIGI brand specifications. The multi-purpose adhesive is suited for a wide array of temperatures and surfaces faced in common environments. DIGI face-stock, too, offers a clean and durable surface to handle the many prints and detailed designs your business needs.

Our market’s competition, despite offering similar products and, at times, prices, do not compare the service offered by Print.Save.Repeat. The competition manufactures their scale labels expediently and with cheap, low cost material. They lower prices by cutting corners and shorting the customer on quality. Print.Save.Repeat is committed to offering not only the best quality, but the best prices as well. We save on costs by manufacturing our product factory direct – allowing us to cut out the middle man, making for a cheaper, more efficient experience for both us and the customer.

Print.Save.Repeat is committed to offering OEM quality without the OEM price tag. From dedicated customer support to our courteous sales staff, all of us here have a single goal – providing to you, the customer, with the best quality products and service available on the market. Make the right choice for your business with DIGI thermal scale labels from Print.Save.Repeat.