Hobart Quantum QWU600 Scale Labels | 2.25 x 6" | 16 Rolls of 535 Labels

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Our Hobart Quantum QWU600 Scale Labels are available for your larger scale printing and labeling needs. Including 16 rolls of 535 labels with dimensions of 2.25 x 6", this label is ideal towards a wide array of products containing numerous ingredients; for example, products found in bakeries are well suited for these specifications. The professional grade adhesive lasts for long periods of time, despite this label’s wider surface area, and can withstand the many temperatures and environments you are likely to deal with on a regular basis – from bread hot out of the oven to long term freezer storage. The Hobart Quantum QWU600 Scale Labels we offer are meticulously designed and tested to reach Hobart Factory standards, providing you with the most quality service on the market.