How to Print a Device Statistics Report on Your Lexmark MS415dn

How to Print a Device Statistics Report on Your Lexmark MS415dn

What is a device statistics report? Well, it's a report from your printer that covers a whole bunch of important information like how many pages your printer has printed; how much toner your cartridge has; how much toner is being printed on each printed page, and more! Check out the rest of this blog post and our video to learn more.

Troubleshoot Your Printer Toner

This short, 50-second video can help you look up the statistics for the 501H toner cartridge or an MS315dn Lexmark printer.

Here’s an example of what your Device Statistics page should look like:
 If you're trying to print out a Device Statistics report on your printer, follow this step-by-step breakdown:
  1. Select Settings
  2. Go to Reports
  3. Choose to print a Device Statistics
  4. Allow to print
Here's an explanation of what you're looking for in this statistics report:

Sides on Cart is going to be the number of pages this specific cartridge has printed. For this cartridge, 118 pages have been printed. Has your cartridge lived up to or exceeded it's lifetime?
Printer Lifetime shows you the average toner coverage rate per page. For this printer, the toner coverage rate is set at 6%, which is a good percentage to be at. If the toner coverage rate is too high or too low, this will impact how many pages your cartridge can print and/or what the pages will look like. Read more about it in our Toner Coverage Rate blog post.
We hope this instructional blog post and video helped you to understand some valuable information that your printer can provide! At Print.Save.Repeat, we guarantee that our cartridges last just as long as, if not longer than, OEM cartridges. Additionally, all of our products are under our unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with one of our products, we will refund or replace it, at no cost to you. Check out our thousands of Amazon reviews that show how reliable our products are!

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If you have any trouble figuring out how to print this statistics report on your printer, or if you think your Print.Save.Repeat cartridge might have been way below it's projected toner coverage life, please give us a call. We’d love to help!
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