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Lexmark Price Increase Effective 07/01/2018

Lexmark Price Increase Effective 07/01/2018

Lexmark has recently increased their toner cartridge prices an average of 5%. This is a decision that will impact a total of 580 of their products. The list of affected cartridges includes the popular T650, E260, MS417, and others.
While 5% may not seem like that much of an increase, when you do the math, the numbers really add up. If your printer uses a T650H11A cartridge, and in the past you have paid the OEM price of $496.99, with a 5% increase you could be looking at having to dish out $521.99… for toner.
Depending on how quickly your company goes through toner, that could be an every week or every month purchase! To give you a comparison, some auto shops order as frequently as once a week, and some pharmacies order every other week. For these kinds of companies, 5% of a price increase could quickly add up your printing bills per month.
Not only is Lexmark raising their prices, but all of their distributors and dealers are as well. Anywhere you go for OEM cartridges, the prices will reflect the 5% increase.
This price increase also seems to be suspiciously timed, as just last May, Lexmark attempted to prohibit customers from refilling their toner cartridges after purchase by adding contingencies to their products. However, it was quickly dismissed by the Supreme Court. Read the full article here!
At Print.Save.Repeat, our goal is to save our customers as much money as possible while still providing quality as good as (if not better than) OEM cartridges. Our CEO and founder of Print.Save.Repeat, Errol Berry, says: “We are dedicated to saving companies money on their printing costs and doing so with a consistent, reliable product that provides value to the buyer.”
Our cartridges have never undergone a massive price increase, and we work hard to make sure that it will never happen. As time has gone on, we’ve even been able to lower prices and offer coupons on some of our products!
Some of our cartridges are as much as 60% off the OEM price tag. For example, instead of purchasing your T650H11A from Lexmark for $521.99, you could purchase a high quality remanufactured cartridge from us for only $168.95.

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Additionally, if you have any questions about our products, you can reach our team at 480-463-4548 and they’ll be happy to help answer.
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